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BAppSc (Osteopathic Studies) M. Ost

Founder and Owner, Denis Winter, is a highly qualified and accredited Osteopath. He completed his osteopathic training at the University of Western Sydney and has over 25 years of experience in manual medicine and bodywork.

In addition to practicing manual medicine and osteopathy, Denis has previously taught Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Bio-mechanics and Postural diagnosis as well as massage and manipulative techniques in tertiary institutions such as The Australasian College of Natural Therapies, TAFE, and the University of Western Sydney. Along his career, Denis has also worked in and consulted to a number of sporting clubs.

Denis is passionate about his work and his clients. His friendly and relaxed treatment style underpins his success in understanding his client needs and treating a broad range of conditions.



BAppSc (Osteopathic Studies) D.O, D.C., M.R.O. (NZ)

Andre Gajek is a highly qualified Osteopath with over 50 years clinical experience.

Andre graduated in 1971 from the New South Wales College of Osteopathy. He was the first ever registered Osteopath in Western Australia.

Andre is highly focused on his clients needs and these are considered in his approach to all structural work. He utilises cranial therapy, muscle manipulation, structural adjustments along massage techniques to support his clients needs.



BAppSc (Osteopathic Studies), BHlthSc (Health Sciences)

Travis is a registered and qualified osteopath with qualifications from RMIT University. He is also qualified in dry needling and cupping.

Travis’ passion for osteopathy that stems from years of playing football and tennis. As an osteopath Travis enjoys treating a wide range of conditions and loves the challenge of helping patients determine the root cause of their pain and dysfunction.

He has a special interest in sports injuries and exercise rehabilitation which led him to work as a sports trainer for the Northern Bullants Football Club in the VFL.

Travis is available for appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.



BHlthSc (Health Sciences)

Seamus is a registered and qualified Clinical Myotherapist with qualifications in Health Science and Clinical Myotherapy.

After spending time in the military services, Seamus recognised that injuries were commonplace, and adequate rehabilitation was scarce. This sparked an interest in post injury rehab and injury prevention through leading him to Myotherapy.

Seamus uses a complete diagnostics tool kit to identify and treat the suspected cause of the Injury/dysfunction. He applies hands-on manual therapies such as soft tissue release and joint mobilisations that are used in adjunct with exercise prescription

His core focus is to reduce pain caused by injury, dysfunction or disease and return the body to a fully functional and pain-free state as soon as possible.



B.Sc. (Podiatry)

Paula is a qualified Podiatrist with over 10 years experience. She graduated in 2008 at Aston University in Birmingham, England. She has worked both overseas and interstate in a variety of disability, healthcare and aged care roles.

Paula gained extensive experience as a Diabetic Podiatrist in the hospitals, working in Aged Care in Perth and in private practice in Sydney. Paula’s passion and drive for Podiatry has cultivated her strong expertise in musculoskeletal issues and biomechanics as well as nail surgery and skin care.

Paula is passionate about ethical, effective Podiatry treatment. “I try to offer everyone a service as if I were treating my mum. Carefully diagnosed, mutual understanding with an efficient execution. I like my patients to understand their body, know their conditions and learn how we can treat it, together.”



Dip RM, Cert IV Massage Therapy

Alicia graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. Her strong exposure to sports through her education and her background provided her with in-depth knowledge of sporting movements and injuries. This experience coupled with her Remedial Massage work, gives her the ability to help her clients in achieving the best results through their treament.

Since starting her career Alicia has volunteered in a number of sporting events such as HBF Run for a Reason, Busselton Iron Man, Ride to Conquer Cancer, Black Dog on a Lead walk for ‘000’ Heroes and many more.

She has also completed a certificate in Myofascial Cupping. Alicia is dedicated to helping each and every person to the best of her ability. She is also a registered member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.



Dip RM, Cert IV Massage Therapy

Kia is a Remedial Massage Therapist graduating from her Diploma at The Australian Institute of Fitness in 2015. She was presented with the “Institute Healer” award on graduation, gaining her the highest accolade for sports massage for her graduating class.

Kia specialises in sports massage and uses a combination of deep tissue, trigger points, positional release techniques and myofascial release to help the body return to back to optimal function. She has an interest in pain patterns and how they affect the body.

Kia is also qualified in Swedish massage and Kahuna, which can be integrated into her massage to reduce stress. She is also a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia.



Dip Health Science RM, Cert IV Massage Therapy

Tim is a Remedial Massage Therapist with qualifications from the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne and TAFE. He is also a registered member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

Tim has over a decade of experience in the massage industry, working & learning alongside experienced osteopaths as well as being involved in short courses & volunteering work throughout WA.

He excels in many forms of massage from thoroughly relaxing deep tissue therapeutic massage, to outcome based specific remedial treatments. Tim is here to help you with your specific therapeutic needs.



Dip RM, Cert IV. Massage Therapy Ac

Mirjam is a qualified remedial massage therapist with over 12 years experience. She is also a registered member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

Mirjam specialises in sports injuries, RSI and postural misalignments of the body and uses a combination of deep tissue, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques to improve her clients’ general health and sense of wellbeing. She is also knowledgeable in reflexology, oncology massage and lymphatic drainage massage.

Whether it’s stress relief, pain management, improvement of your mobility/flexibility or postural management, Mirjam is always happy to assist you



Dip RM, Cert IV Fitness

Celia is a fully qualified and experienced remedial massage therapist and trainer who has worked extensively in the fitness industry .

Celia emphasizes the importance of a varied treatment approach, highlighting movement and mobility as key components in pain management. Sheis dedicated to tailoring effective treatments based on individual needs, particularly for clients dealing with chronic pain, joint pain, lower back pain, headaches, or specific injuries. Employing a diverse range of techniques such as hands-on therapy, dry needling, myofascial cupping, sport tapping, Muscle Energy Technique, joint mobilisation, and nerve flossing, she aims to achieve optimal results.

Leveraging her expertise in movement, she conducts one-on-one mobility sessions and engaging classes focused on pain management. These classes aim to instill confidence in clients, promoting free and strengthened movement for daily activities.



Dip RM, Cert IV Fitness

Patricia is a remedial massage therapist with a Diploma in Remedial Therapy and a registered member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

Her journey in massage therapy is driven by a profound interest in the intricate connection between the body and mind. Patricia believes in harnessing this synergy to enhance overall well-being for her clients.

In her treatments, she employs a diverse range of techniques to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes. These can include deep tissue massage for targeted muscle relief, trigger point therapy to address specific points of tension, muscle energy techniques, and PNF stretching for improved flexibility. Myofascial cupping and release are additional tools in her toolbox that offer a comprehensive approach to treating both superficial and deep-seated issues.

Patricia is committed to customizing each treatment to her clients’ specific needs in order to create a relaxing and therapeutic environment.



Dip RM, Cert IV Massage Therapy

Fra is a passionate remedial massage therapist with a Diploma in Remedial Therapy.

Fra possesses a rich blend of expertise, specializing in deep tissue and myofascial release, enhanced by a strong academic background and keen personal sensitivity. This unique blend allows him to address emotional, kinetic, and somatic aspects during treatments.

After moving from Hobart for advanced Kinesiology training, his holistic approach and deep understanding of the mind-body connection shine through. Fra’s methodology includes trigger point therapy alongside targeting soft tissue imbalances, applying pressure and movement in response to biofeedback and patient needs, and ensuring a customized therapeutic experience for each individual.

Fra commits to a treatment approach anchored in three fundamental principles: Open Communication, Clear Boundaries, and Patient Kindness.


“Denis and his team do great work. I come here for periodic “maintenance”. Always feel better after the session.”

“I have been feeling much better since taking your advice, thank you so much for your professionalism and support. I am so glad we met, turns out I was suffering unnecessarily.”

“The Dr was very impressed with your analysis and agreed with your conclusions. I said that if he ever had a patient who could use seeing a dietitian, you are the professional to see!”

“I had been suffering from back pain since I was pregnant (over 2 years ago). I saw a chiropractor first but after about 10 sessions with him the pain was still there. After the first session with Denis my back was significantly better and after the 2nd session the pain was nearly gone. Denis is concise but knows exactly what he’s doing. I’m very lucky I live nearby but even if I didn’t, it’s definitely worth the drive”

“Denis manages to sort out any issues (long term or not) efficiently and without fuss. I especially like that he doesn’t over-service – and most problems can be sorted in only a couple of visits. The massage staff are also excellent and would highly recommend any of them for remedial massage.”

“Dr Winter and his colleague Dr Krunes listened to me very carefully. They offered an explanation for my numerous problems. Took into account previous tratments and issues. I was so happy to finally receive a probable diagnosis that has been causing seemingly unrelated problems. Their experience in their field gave me confidence that I finally know after various other treatments I can get better.”

“Excellent osteopth. Doesn’t ‘over-treat’ or ‘over-prescribe’ and does what’s best for you and your body without feeling like you’re having to come back every week. Would highly recommend.”

“Effective and fixed the problem rather than requiring ongoing bookings. Respectful of privacy during treatment, which is important as a woman.”

“A brilliant practitioner . Knows his stuff and simply first class . Cannot reccomend him highly enough..”

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