What can I expect from a visit to Perth Osteopathic Medicine?

Your Osteopath will take a detailed case history at your first appointment. This will involve asking questions about your symptoms, and about your general medical history.


Most commonly, patients are asked to undress to their underwear and wear a gown for the Osteopath to complete a thorough examination. From there, an Osteopathic diagnosis is made and a treatment plan will be tailored.


Treatment commences with soft tissue work by an Osteopathic Assistant to prepare your body for the specific techniques applied by your Osteopath. Treatment can include a range of stretching, mobilising and manipulative techniques designed to help restore normal function. The Osteopath will explain what will be involved in treatment.


Some patients are concerned about the "cracking" of joints. These techniques are known as "High Velocity Thrust" (HVT) techniques, and are an effective way of mobilising a joint that is not moving well. The 'crack' sound is the result of gasses moving quickly within the joint space, not because bones smashing together! The Osteopath will only proceed with such a technique when it is safe and appropriate for your condition.